10 tips and tricks to make small gardens sing!

How to get the most out of a small garden. If you live in a town there’s a good chance that you have a small garden or courtyard garden or possibly no garden at all which can seem a little uninspiring at times.

But there is so much that can be done with a small space. Now you may feel that adding lots of planting to a small garden will only make it seem smaller. But that is not the case, the aim is to make a small space really striking and create an outdoor space that becomes a room without a roof that you’ll enjoy spending time in. The easiest way to add interest to your garden is with colour. The bolder the better!


An inexpensive project using old pallet wood! Create your own bench the perfect size for your space. Add interest with colour, you  can use tester pots of paint, mix a few together to make new colours. Just be sure to seal it afterwards with an outdoor varnish to protect it from the elements.


Another perfect project for old pallets and tiny gardens! Pallet planters, line the back of the pallets with wood and plastic sheeting,  paint them vibrant colours and fill with soil then all is left is to add lots of flowering plants in complimentary and contrasting colours!


Pots looks lovely stacked up on a ladder choose pots in different heights and textures to add extra interest to your display!


The good life, have you ever fancied growing your own fruit and veg but didn’t think you had the space? Create raised beds in a corner of your garden, now pink isn’t for everyone but we think pink raised beds look great, with a matching picket fence of course!


Roof Gardens and balconies can seem quite limiting but the right garden furniture can be just the trick to create the garden feel. Surround with large pots full of greenery and enjoy the view!


Light! Hanging lights around a small garden can instantly make the space feel magical! As the evenings become longer and days gets warmer and evening under the stars seems like the perfect end to a hectic day.


If you have a very narrow courtyard more is more, in a good way fill the space with pots planted up with ever green and perennials for year round colour. Opt to paint fence anything but brown to break up the brickwork and offset the planting.


Window boxes are a great investment for the smaller garden or for those that don’t have a garden at all. Opt for a deeper and bigger box for optimum planting.


Paint walls. Be bold, don’t always opt for white masonry paint. Deep purple, teals, darks blues and greens and burnt oranges all work brilliantly in gardens and will off set your planting beautifully.


Succulents make great vertical walls displays. We’re not entirely sure how well they would do in our climate all year round but you could create a vertical display that could come down and be stored indoors in cooler months.

At Athelhampton we are very lucky to have 16 acres of garden! Which take a lot of maintaining but bring great pleasure to all of our visitors. If you are looking to visit Dorset  be sure to come and take a look for yourself.


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