20 questions every bride & groom-to-be should ask a wedding photographer

So you’ve looked through the wedding venues in Weymouth, Dorset, and you’ve set your heart on Athelhampton House, of course! You’re all booked in, phew! Now the venue is sorted you want to ensure that you have your perfect day captured in the best possible way. And this is where the photographer comes in.

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We have put together a list of 20 questions in order to help you make your day to be as fabulous as it possibly could be.

Take a look, there might be something you’d forgotten!


  1. How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  2. And how many have you done?
  3. Can you tell us your preferred style of photography? (Traditional, Natural Light, Illustrative, Artistic, or Photojournalism.)
  4. Will you be attending more than one wedding per day? (If so, have you ensured there is enough time to attend each wedding?)
  5. Will you be bringing your own lighting to the wedding? (If the answer is no, then expect there to be an in depth and valid reason as to why they don’t bring their own lighting).
  6. Have you ever photographed another wedding at our chosen venue?
  7. Do you work from a shot list? Ask to see it if they say yes, and if not ask if you can provide one for them.
  8. Check that they will capture certain images that you request be taken on the day.
  9. How much will an additional hour of work cost?
  10. How many images can we expect to receive from the day? (Most photographers will take up to 1500 pictures on the day, but you are likely to receive up to 400).
  11. How long will it take to see the proofs of the wedding?
  12. Will a disc of the images be provided or will all prints need to be ordered through you?
  13. How much are the prints?
  14. Is there a limit on the number of pictures you will take? (This should be a firm NO).
  15. Are you going to use any of my images for advertising?
  16. What will you be wearing to the wedding?
  17. Do you have a backup in case of illness or emergency?
  18. How much is the deposit going to cost?
  19. When is the full amount/balance due?
  20. Do you have a cancellation policy? (If so, what is it?)


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