Film & Photo Location

Athelhampton House and its Gardens often appear in the media, in both Television and Film and in print, as a feature piece or as a location for advertising. Athelhampton’s timeless gardens and historic features are often seen in television drama and documentary.

One of our most recent roles was playing the home of Tolly Oldknow’s Grandmother in Julian Fellowes film “From Time To Time”. While Tolly is staying with his Grandmother in 1944 he is witness to events that happened some 200 years before and becomes involved in a mystery.

Athelhampton played host to Sir Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine in the 1972 Film “Sleuth”, based upon the Stage Play by Anthony Shaffer. Both Olivier & Caine, were nominated for Best Actor in the 1973 Academy Awards (losing to Marlon Brando in the Godfather).

January 1976 saw the UK broadcast of 6 episodes of Doctor Who in “The Seeds of Doom”. Tom Baker played the Doctor and extensive use was made of the exterior of House and around the Gardens. The series attracted over 11 million viewers for each episode. Doctor Who has a huge following  and this series is considered one of the best.

Advertising agencies looking for a background for fashion or product shoots are easily accommodated at times when there is little or no public presence. Our Brochure has a guide for cost though we are happy to discuss specific requirements.

The Athelhampton catering department successfully tendered for the catering contract and provided meals and refreshements throughout the filming, day and night, on and off-site for all crew and cast.

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