From Time To Time

Athelhampton played the home of Tolly Oldknow’s Grandmother in the Julian Fellowes film “From Time To Time” in 2008. Since making “From Time To Time” Julian Fellowes has made the hugely successful Downton Abbey TV series. Like that series, this film stars Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville, and they are joined by, amongst others, Dominic West, Pauline Collins and Timothy Spall.

Set in 1940s England, 13 year old Tolly (Alex Etel) is sent to stay with his grandmother (Maggie Smith) at her country home, which she fears she will have to sell due to money problems. Tolly’s father is fighting in WWII, and is missing in action. As his grandmother tells him about the history of the house, and Tolly’s ancestors, he finds that he is able to travel back in time to 1805 and discover secrets about his family’s past, which still resonate today. This film is adapted from Lucy M Boston’s book ‘The Chimneys of Green Knowe’.

The Athelhampton catering department successfully tendered for the catering contract and provided meals and refreshements throughout the filming, day and night, on and off-site for all crew and cast.

A copy of ‘From Time To Time’ is available to purchase in our Gift Shop.

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