In 1972 Athelhampton played host to the cast and crew of ‘Sleuth’, we played the role of a large stately home in the Wiltshire countryside, belonging to Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier), a pompous, highly eccentric crime fiction author.

Four time Academy Award Nominee ‘Sleuth’ pits the formidable acting talents of Oscar winners Micheal Caine and Laurence Olivier together as their characters must out-play each other with nerve and guile.

Upper class crime writer Andrew Wyke (Olivier) learns of is wife’s infidelity with immigrant Italian-English hairdresser (Caine) and invites him to his 16th Century mansion for what seems like a magnanimous, if criminal, attempt at reconciliation. But the games fanatic has much more i storeĀ  for his younger and more virile nemesis. What ensues is a lethal game of cat and mouse where the upper-hand shifts as often as the fiendishly clever plot twists.

Who wins and who forfeits when the stakes are love and pride? In one of cinema’s most memorable endings we learn there can be no winners.

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