Limited Mobility & Wheelchair Access

Athelhampton has good access for visitors with limited mobility or wheelchair use, however due to the age of some areas of the Tudor house, some areas are unable to be reached. Seating is provided throughout the house and the gardens so plenty of areas to take a rest.

Athelhampton has easy parking, with 8 disabled parking bays close to the entrance, and a good drop off point also. The car park is comprised of tarmac and gravel.

The Coach House has our reception area, shop, bar, 2 restaurants and toilet facilities, the whole building is flat and level and has good access throughout. Through into the bar, and then the door to the toilet area, There is a large adapted toilet cubicle.

Leaving the reception area, access is made to the gardens, initially on a concrete path, and then on to hardstanding gravel, which does not usually cause our visitors any issue, keep away from the thicker layers of gravel to the sides of the path.

The gardens have good access, either on hardstanding gravel, or grass. There are some steps in the garden, but these can be avoided by using alternative routes. The Corona has a step (15cm) on 3 entrances and a which to view this small garden cannot be avoided, if you can cross this garden it gives quicker access to the rest of the gardens. For the rest of the garden a handy route guide is provided, which indicates the type of terrain that will be covered. The terrace in the Great Court has a flight of steps and this is may not be reached, but this has little impact upon your visit.

The house as mentioned has limited access, a stone step (20cm) up into the house is unavoidable, but there is a ramp available upon request. The ground floor of the House including the Great Hall is easily accessible, the Red Passage, the Dining Room are all viewable. There is a narrow doorway (87cm) and small step (6cm)into the Kings Ante Room and then the Great Chamber has a small step (3cm) many of our visitors enjoy these spaces with no issue. The upper floors of the house and the wine cellar, (entered from the Kings Ante room) are unable to be visited in a wheel chair.

The Wine Cellar doorway is low (155cm), narrow (68cm), and has an immediate step (12cm) but many people with limited mobility enjoy viewing the room, care needs to be taken when leaving the Wine cellar as you need to duck and step up at the same time.

The upper floors, are accessible by stairways, The West Wing has a staircase of 15 steps (15cm) upto the Kings Bedroom, accessible by a doorway (62cm). The staircase narrows and a tight flight of spiralling steps (uneven) takes you to the Library, with viewing landing and then upward to the Marevna Gallery, only the most intrepid visitor with limited mobility should attempt this climb, here are seats to rest in the Gallery, though we would not recommend this is attempted. If you do want a climb the East Wing may be more rewarding.

The East Wing staircase, has deep treads (34cm) and handrails and a mezzanine landing halfway up its flight of 14 steps (16cm) and leads you to the Dressing Room, Copper Bathroom, Yellow Bedroom and State bedroom all on the flat and level. If you feel that you may manage a staircase, we would suggest this wing of the house may be more rewarding.

We hope that this description will give you an idea of what to expect as a visitor to Athelhampton.



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