Can you make a Wedding Cake from Pancakes?

A stunning Shrove Tuesday at Athelhampton, and in the office today whilst busy planning the weddings for all our fabulous 2015 couples, our thoughts wandered, and we asked the question can you make a wedding cake from pancakes.?

pancake wedding cake

Pancake Wedding Cake

Whilst the kitchen prepared a few pancakes for us to provide some ‘food for thought’ we scanned the internet to see if it had been done, and of course it had, but it was such fun looking we thought we should share a few of our favourite pictures with you.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It did not take us long to realise that not many couples marry on Shrove Tuesday, but if you did, what would be better that a wedding cake made entirely of pancakes? its got to be a great alternative to a standard wedding cake..  Getting married soon? why not visit Athelhampton, and find out about our stunning wedding venue in the heart of Dorset

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