Choosing a wedding colour scheme couldn’t be easier

Picking the right colour scheme may seem like one of the most daunting decisions that you have to make about your wedding – it has to both bring together every element of the wedding and reflect the personality of bride and groom. Colour was previously used to accentuate a white wedding but is now becoming more prominent in wedding décor, often providing the theme of the wedding itself. With that in mind, as one of the leading wedding venues Dorchester has to offer, we’ve made selecting the right colours simple with our guide.


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Choosing your colour

Location is especially important when choosing your colour scheme – it has to act in harmony with its surroundings. A venue with neutral décor may provide the perfect blank canvas for any wedding colour scheme, or a brighter environment such as our topiary gardens may compliment a livelier colour scheme.

Become aware of colours you like, gathering inspiration from magazines and online, eventually narrowing your choices down to a few options. To help decide the exact hues for your décor, collect samples from fabric or paint shops, or select colours from a Pantone book if you are able to do so. Don’t be afraid to select a number of colours if you can’t decide on just one or two – many themes work with a number of colours, such as a garden party theme.

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Executing your colour choice

First of all, consider the mood that you wish to evoke during your celebrations. Using all bright colours may be perfect for something lively and high-energy, with a more regal affair suiting more regal colours. Don’t be afraid to mix bright colours with subdued – it can create a contrast that will accentuate the main features of your wedding and make them stand out. If your wedding is taking place in multiple spaces – indoors and outdoors for example – each setting can be given its own individual colour scheme to match its surroundings. Consider the main elements and talking points of the wedding first, such as the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and wedding cake, before deciding on the colour scheme of secondary elements such as the tableware.

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