Psychology reveals why we love weddings so much

For the lucky bride and groom, a wedding is a way of celebrating their union, and sharing that with family and friends in a time of joy. But why exactly are they so important to creating a happy start to our marriage? Psychology has the answer, and it lies in why we also attend other celebrations such as graduations.

Why we enjoy weddings at country house wedding venues such as Athelhampton House

In psychology, events such as weddings are described as cultural rituals, and researchers have been examining exactly why we continue to repeat these cultural rituals.

The first reason is that they help to create stability at times of chaos, helping to act as a transition from unmarried to married. Marriage can be a potentially frightening, but certainly chaotic, change in lifestyle, where two previously independent people unite to start a new, interdependent life. As people transition between the before and after, these changes can breed anxiety, and that’s where weddings come in – they bring a sense of order and control over the changes happening in their lives.

Weddings also do not only protect people from the negative aspects of a transition, but also enhance the positive. They allow the couple to savour and enjoy the tremendous milestone they have just reached, making it more salient in their memories. Rituals such as weddings involve us more in the process, making us enjoy whatever we are doing more and savour the occasion.

So there you have it – that’s why a good old-fashioned wedding is so important to us. If you’re planning on a stunning and beautiful wedding to remember, Athelhampton House and Gardens is one of the leading country house wedding venues in Dorset, happy to host the perfect wedding tailored to your needs.

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