Top tips for your summer wedding flowers

As one of the leading wedding venues in Dorset, we are here to help all of the lovely couples at Athelhampton House in every way we can, and one of the most important parts of the wedding to get right is the wedding flowers.

Flower bouquets used at our wedding venues in Dorset

With the changing seasons, there are different factors which come into play in getting your wedding flowers exactly right, and for getting them to stay vibrant and beautiful throughout the entire day. As we face the incredibly popular summer season, whether you’re getting married this summer or are even planning to get married for summer next year, we hope our brief guide helps you to create and enjoy the perfect summer flowers on your special day.

Choose fresh and enduring flowers

For flowers which will stay fresh and beautiful throughout the entire day, opt for flowers which have a waxy texture in order to ensure their staying power. There are a number of fantastic flowers which will last in warmer temperatures, including orchids, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies, ginger halcyons and roses, meaning that there will definitely be a summer flower to match your design scheme. Buying flowers from a local florist will also help, as those which are in season in your area are more likely to survive the entire day as a bouquet.

Opt for bright and bold colours

When looking at the flowers which will be in bloom around the time of your ceremony, consider brightly coloured versions to add to the summery atmosphere, in shades such as magenta, green, fuchsia, violet and mango. If your wedding is more formal, it doesn’t mean that the colour of your flowers needs to be more subdued – wine colours or deep purples will suit the setting perfectly.

Flower bouquets used at our wedding venues in Dorset

Take small steps to maintain your flowers throughout the day

The higher the temperature it is on your wedding day, the more upkeep they’ll require, and so to keep them vibrant and beautiful, you can take a few simple steps. Have your flowers delivered on the day of the wedding, and store them in a fridge if possible to keep them cool before the ceremony starts. When your bouquet isn’t being used, keep it in a shady spot or in a vase of cool water. If you can’t avoid your flowers being exposed to the summer heat for extended periods of time, give your flowers a light misting with a spray bottle once an hour or so.

Choose the right centrepieces

Centrepieces are one of the standout features of a wedding décor, so ensure that you have one to suit the occasion. For outdoor weddings, for instance, it’s best to keep it simple with colourful flowers and wooden or mason jars so that the surrounding outdoor scenery isn’t also overshadowed. For more formal weddings, tall vases featuring a mix of bold and deep-hued flowers, paired with feathers or gems work well to create a grand centrepiece.

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